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Dr. Bonnie J. Mitchell Dbh

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Dr. Bonnie J. Mitchell joined IoEBusiness in 2014 with the purpose of bringing AI, IoE, IoT, and integrated technology to the forefront of multiple business sectors including, but not limited to startup companies & ventures. As CEO for IoEBusiness Dr. Mitchell also plays an integral role in the latest research in Integrated Healthcare Technology. In 2016,  Dr. Mitchell assisted in empirical and analytical research on an Arizona Senate Bill which has now become an integral part of Behavioral Health Law in the United States. Dr. Mitchell obtained her Doctoral Degree in Behavioral Health Management IS at Arizona State University. In addition Dr. Mitchell also holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling in Mental Health, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Today Dr. Mitchell continues to be the driving force behind IoEBusiness as well as a leader in the field of Integrated Healthcare Technology IHT and Business Integration Technology BIT. Dr. Mitchell is a respected speaker and advocate for Integrated Healthcare Technologies in the United States and abroad.


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