Google has an indoor positioning tech in the works, called VPS


Google has introduced it’s working on a carrier to supply exact indoor region positioning the use of its Tango 3D sensing pc vision tech.

“One factor we’ve seen obviously is that AR is strongest when it’s tightly coupled to the true world, and the more exactly the better,” stated Clay Bavor, speaking at Google’s I/O convention as of late. “That’s why we’ve been working with the Google Maps workforce on a provider that may give gadgets access to very precise vicinity information indoors.”

Bavor described the function as “kind of like GPS” but as a substitute of speaking to satellites — which isn’t essentially attainable given indoor reception considerations — the cameras on a Tango tool triangulate place in accordance with “varied visual options in the environment”.

“we predict it’s going to be incredibly helpful in a whole bunch of locations,” he stated.

Google’s name for the tech is “visual positioning service” — or VPS.

Bavor gave the instance of a large DIY retailer where a shopper is making an attempt to seek out a specific item. “imagine at some point your phone might just take you to that particular screwdriver and point it out to you on the shelf,” he mentioned.

He didn’t provide a selected timeframe for a launch — pronouncing best that the tech is “working these days”.

He also showed a video demo of the device which makes use of a collection of visual characteristic factors to navigate indoors, and determines the place it’s by means of evaluating new factors with prior to now observed ones so “the telephone can figure out precisely the place it is in area — down to a couple centimeters”.

It’s uncertain how well it could honest in inside environments without too many assorted visual features to latch on to, alternatively.

“GPS can get you to the door. and then VPS can get you to the exact merchandise that you just’re on the lookout for,” he introduced.

The demo drew a spherical of applause from the I/O crowd.

Google released a dev kit for its Tango tech back in 2015, and the first consumer software was once launched remaining 12 months (made with the aid of Lenovo). A 2d gen Tango instrument is due to launch this summer, mentioned Bavor, flagging up how devices are becoming smaller. “that you may think about a long way extra devices having this functionality sooner or later,” he added.

He also hinted at another potential future use-case for the positioning positioning tech — helping folks with visual impairment.

“further out, think about what this know-how might imply to individuals with impaired vision. VPS in an audio-based interface might turn into how they make their method in the course of the world.”

VPS will probably be “essential” for digicam-based totally interfaces, he introduced — noting that it’s going to be a core part of Google Lens, the smart digicam tech Google additionally announced today.
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