Here's What Your Amiibo Collection Gets You In Fire Emblem Echoes


fire emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia is amiibo-compatible, however now not simply with the brand new Alm and Celica amiibo. you need to use pretty much any amiibo you own with the sport and it’s going to have an in-recreation impact. So let’s go over just what you get with each amiibo.

unique Alm and Celica Amiibo Bonuses
as the the two amiibo figures launched alongside the game, it’s hardly stunning these two have the largest effect on Echoes. each Amiibo come with their own unique dungeons for you to deal with. Alm’s comes with a Duma dungeon whereas Celica’s is Mila themed. each dungeons are primarily a series of adverse enemy encounters, but you get some good loot for every persona in the event you stick it out to the end.

All other Amiibo Bonuses
each Alm and Celica can use their Turnwheel in battle to summon an illusory soldier with a singular construct and stats relying on what Amiibo you stick on the 3DS. It prices 10 HP to summon a soldier, they only final a single turn, and they act on their very own accord, so it is almost definitely highest to save this selection for mid-sport in the event you use it at all. We took all the Amiibo we had in our vault and used it with the Turnwheel to peer what got here out. This is not every Amiibo that is in the market, but it surely’s a lot of them. listed below are the squaddies and stats you get for each and every figure. Some amiibo offer you multiple infantrymen. those figures may have a host subsequent to their title in parentheses that represents how many units you get.

Alm Amiibo (1 Fighter)

Celica Amiibo (1 Priestess)

Marth Amiibo (1 Lord)

Samus Amiibo (1 Cleric)

tremendous Smash Brothers Bowser Amiibo (1 White Dragon)

Smash Hammer Bowser Amiibo (1 Necrodragon)

super Mario series Donkey Kong Amiibo (2 Barons)

All Mario Amiibo (three Mogall)

All Princess Peach Amiibo (1 Necrodragon) 

All Luigi Amiibo (2 Snipers)

Daisy Amiibo (1 Dread Fighter)

Yoshi working Amiibo (2 Gargoyles)

Glow at nighttime Boo Amiibo (2 Cavalier)

Toad Amiibo (3 Witches)

Kirby Amiibo (3 Mogall)

Waddle Dee Amiibo (2 Paladins)

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