Shapeheart is an armband that senses your heart rate without bulky chest straps


no longer everyone wants to put a coronary heart-price reveal on their chest or wrist. every now and then you want a meaty sensor, something that received’t drain your battery and something that also carries your phone the usage of a machine of magnets that retains your phone secure from harm. occasionally you wish to have the Shapeheart.

I noticed the Shapeheart remaining week. basically it’s an awfully usable, very suave heart-rate screen that works with nearly any health app on Android and iOS. It has a constructed-in heart-price sensor that works on the meatier a part of your arm. It lasts for 25 hours on one charge and is detachable.

the coolest factor is the magnetic cellphone attachment. You situation your cellphone in a case and then snap it to the armband. this implies which you could maintain the cellphone within the case and just slap it onto the armband as important, a boon in the event you exercise with any regularity. Their purpose is to raise $ 38,000 on Kickstarter, and have already hit $ 24,000. They are expecting to ship in November. Early birds pay $ sixty four for the unit.

It’s a artful concept and a pleasant design and, as an avid runner, I find the unit’s capability to sense my heart fee via my doughy, mushy, forearm flab is a advantage.
gadgets – TechCrunch


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